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The story Of Forani and Satara

In the ancient days, the gods walked among the humans. Many times the gods would mate with young females. Ra had 2 sons, one by an Egyptian and the other by a Persian slave. Neither of these boys knew that they were demigods.  Both boys were smart and powerful. When they would hunt or fish, they always came back with as much as they could carry. The Persian would always carry a falcon with him.

The Persian son was granted his freedom and became a caption in the army. He married an Egyptian and they had a tall handsome son. His son, like his dad, became a warrior. He was known to be someone that you just didn’t mess with. He was nice but he didn’t take a lot from anybody. Usually 1 strike from his sword and you were dead. He often came into enemy camps and killed the generals in their sleep. His favorite weapon was a carved knife. He could slit a throat so fast that they enemy had no time to cry out. He was lonely because he could not find a woman that he liked. One day, Isis entered a female’s body and slept with him. Even though the biological mother was human, the child had a lot of genes from Isis. The father and mother married and had a baby girl. When Isis entered the woman’s body it made her sterile and so she had no other children. Since the father and grandfather had no male heirs, they taught the daughter all they knew. The gods admired her for her beauty, wit and her courage. Set especially liked her and would visit her in her dreams. She like her father and grandfather carried a falcon as a scout and a pet. She also had a leopard that she found when he was a cub. At age 15, while hunting with her father, 23 would be assassins came and tried to kill her father. A jealous human prince was afraid of him and wanted him dead. They killed all but one and sent him with 22 right ears to give to the prince. When they got back, they told the king what had happened. The king made her an officer in his army and part of his personal bodyguard. One day when she was eating, she noticed that the food tasted strange. Set himself planted instructions in her mind on how to neutralize the poison. She had been poisoned under orders of the prince. She became a General of the Army and was undefeated in battle. That’s how she met her husband (Forani Jahken) who was the chief judge.




The Egyptian son became a scholar. He advised the king on the daily operation of the kingdom. The woman that he married was a niece of goddess Maat (the goddess of justice). They had several children.One was Nymaatre he became a judge and married Netikerty. They had 4 sons all became either judges or advisors to the king. One son became the chief judge. He met the only female General of the Army (Satara Sakhmet) and they married.


The King died and the Royal Council decided to divide the kingdom into regions. Each region would have its own king. The kings would get together and vote in a pharaoh who would be the king of kings. The prince became angry and tried to kill the council and all who would possibly become a king. He ordered poison placed in a wine chalice for his brother. The chief judge found out about the plot and told the brother. The judge told the brother that if the plot was true then it would be justice to switch the chalices. At the feast, Satara ordered that the servants be replaced and that the chalices be switched. The prince drank the wine and died within minutes. Forani’s personal doctor who was at the table, quickly said that the prince died accidently from choking.  The brother agreed with the doctor and Satara got her revenge on the man who tried to poison her and kill her father.

When the Royal Council met, Forani was nominated to replace the dead prince for his region. Satara was asked to be in charge of the united army. They both agreed. Forani and Satara ruled a wealthy kingdom. The people were so rich that workers had to come from other regions. All slaves were given their freedom and could go back home or live as citizens. Satara became pregnant and had a boy named Seti.

Seti had the mix ancestors such as Ra, Horus, Isis and Maat.  He started walking at 4 months, fully talking at 7 months and could read and write before he was 2. Seti was the favorite human of Set. The gods had agreed to stop interfering with the people years ago. Set decided that he would bless his great nephew with wisdom. This was strange as Set was hot-headed and quick to anger. Goddess Maat blessed him with the ability to always see the truth from all sides and judge from there. Isis gave him charm and Ra gave him strength and courage. They decided that after all those blessings, they would leave him alone.

Seti loved life and he loved his parents. He never had a title other than prince. He could do almost anything. The people loved him as they loved his parents. They built temples in his honor and he advised the kings from the other regions also.

As a military advisor to all the kingdoms, Satara had to travel. She left one time and didn’t return. She had found another man. When Seti found out, he went to Forani and asked him. Forani loved Satara so he told Seti that he was okay as long as Satara was happy.

Seti left and went to a quiet place in a field. He looked into the sky and said “oh Goddess Maat! Your blessing is now a curse! You made me a judge and now I must judge my mother!” Then he said” hear me spirits of land, water, fire and sky! My mother has betrayed me and my father! In this life and in her spirit she can no longer have parents or children! If she has any children, they shall depart from her as she departed from my father and me! They shall not know her nor shall their children know them! Spirits and gods do not ignore me! They must cry as my father and I did! Only when she returns to my father and me shall you lift this for this is not hate, I love her and he loves her! But she has to get our forgiveness! This is the justice that Maat put in me! So Mote it be!”

About a year later Forani died, his last words were “I forgive you!” When Satara returned, the kingdom had fallen upon hard times. Forani and Seti had worried about Satara and did not manage the kingdom. Earlier, Forani gave up his crown and moved to his own palace. Seti and his family stayed with him until he died.  Seti moved to another kingdom but kept houses and land. One day while he was back on business he saw Satara riding in a chariot. Seti hid so she would not see him. He was afraid that he would give in and break his spell.

Satara inherited all that Forani had left. One day after realizing that Forani was her soul-mate, she put a knife in her side and twisted it. She died of her wound.

Seti has in every life directed Satara to Forani pledging that no matter how many lifetimes it takes, he will not lift the curse without his father asking.He directs her to him because he too misses his mother but cannot break the spell that Maat put in his spirit.

The god Set who liked Satara, his great-neice, asked Seti to make it easy for her. Seti says “I will forgive when my father asks and he may only ask if she asks him. Then I will talk to her and welcome her back as my mother the queen!”